About Us

We represent a multidisciplinary team in e-Health with high international recognition and competence in health informatics, mobile devices-based lifestyle interventions, provision of open source software and data management, standardization and integration of research data, registries based research. We also have a long record of accomplishment of collaborations with healthcare organizations, health IT industry, patient organizations and providing dissemination and education.

Our Mission: to enable the efficient and standardized production of novel e-Health informatics tools and to provide solutions that stimulate the active participation of society in the healthcare research process.

Our Vision: to empower healthcare researchers through great e-health informatics tools producing data and knowledge to transform the healthcare system in a more global and participative system.

At the KI e-Health CF, healthcare scientists will receive support for testing and developing new e-Health interventions and mobile health applications; setup research studies for mobile health interventions, analyse and integrate research data; develop custom software, manage and store data in a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. Health care researchers will thus have a common integrated and standardized facility for building world-leading evidence-based e-Health applications.