Software as a Service with BIBBOX

Most of the open-source software tools cannot be used without significant effort for installation, configuration and maintenance. Insufficient, unclear and lack of documentation makes it difficult for both IT and especially non-IT experts alike. BIBBOX helps alleviate these problems by providing an integration platform for open-source software in the biobanking domain with a single unified user experience of installing and using these applications. It is an open-source software toolbox for Biobanks and biomedical research akin to app store in mobile phones. The BIBBOX platform leverages virtual machine + docker containers for integrating suite of applications in the store which can simply be installed, configured and run with minimal IT effort.

Some of the features of the BIBBOX:

  • different ways of installing the platform; from image, vagrant or source.
  • wide range of open-source applications available for the domain of biomedical research; Biobanking (LIMS), mobile data collections, bioinformatics, helper applications, etc.
  • install applications from the platform with few simple clicks.
  • multiple instances of the same application can be installed.