Free Open Softwares: Services

The usefulness of Open softwares is exponentially growing and is nowadays an essential part of Open Science, that is becoming a mandatory research standard in the EU. However, most of the open-source software tools cannot be used without significant effort for installation, configuration and maintenance. Insufficient documentation may make it difficult. The eHealth facility will help you to optimally use Open Source Softwares, downloadable from the Basic Infrastructure Building BOX (BIBBOX). This helps alleviate problems by providing an integration platform for open-source softwares with associated services for installing and using these softwares. BIBBOX is an open-source software toolbox akin to app store in mobile phones. The BIBBOX platform leverages virtual machine + docker containers for integrating different softwares in the store which can simply be installed, configured and run with a minimal IT effort, which the facility can provide.

Some of the features of the BIBBOX:

  • wide range of open-source applications available for biomedical research, for example questionnaires, clinical trial management, sample management (LIMS).
  • install applications from the platform with a few simple clicks.
  • multiple instances of the same application can be installed.
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